Graco Breaze Click Connect, Piazza Reviews

Graco Breaze Click Connect, Piazza, is originated from China that weighs 20.4 pounds. This is the only baby stroller which is certified as frustration free for parents.

This is the only baby stroller which is certified as frustration free for parents. You do not need to worry about battery because there is no need for battery to run this stroller. It is one of the perfect baby strollers for keeping kids who are up to 50 pounds.

Graco Breaze Click Connect


Graco Breaze Click Connect, Piazza Features:

  • Weighs 20.4 pounds.
  • The product dimensions are 12 x 10.5 x 38.5 inches and the UPC is 047406129775 while the model number is 1923976.
  • The seat of this stroller is also great because of its features.
  • The seat is featured with deluxe padded along with a multiple position.
  • You could also find the seat as flat recline for the best riding of your kids.
  • It comprises an extra-large canopy with a visitor extension and attached with a peek-a-boo window.
  • Handles are especially made for easy grapping while exclusive one hand fold is also possible in this design.
  • The quality of seat is just like the seat of your car for best comfortability.So, the rear wheels as well as easy folding opportunity.
  • The extra-large basket and cup holder are also available for your best usages.
  • For hassle free carrying system, there is a practical shoulder strap.
  • In addition, you could find different colors on the basis on your choices.
  • It is available in universal black, blue, piazza, black and other colors.
  • You can get manufacturer warranty and support for this baby stroller.
Good Side
  • Modern day family needs things like compact one. Being a parents privileged with two children it is difficult to spend single day without having support from any other. And whenever the modern technology and science is next to you then it becomes easier to raise two kids without skipping your public life.
  • The 2015 Graco Breaze Click Connect has made my everyday life the easiest one. It is the combination of modern technology holding all the comforts you have desired for your little ones.
  • It can carry a child up to 50 pound.
  • It is designed for comfortable strolling.
  •  The deluxe padded seat with multi-position provides you baby enough space for reclining. The extra-large canopy having the easiest folding umbrella stroller protects your baby from being tan.
  • It has easily accepted all Graco Click infant car seats with a square one-step attachment. No need to charge your batter for running this stroller as there is no battery system.
  • It also provides comfortable naptime to your baby while you are in visits or travel.
  • Along with these, it is lightweight due to be made from aluminum and rare wheels for easy folding and going to your quick trips. Overall, this is one of the safest baby strollers for your kids.
Bad sides:

Despite these unique advantages, there are a few limitations to this baby stroller.

  • First, the price is higher than the normal or common baby stroller because of its unique design and durable materials to manufacture this stroller.
  • Second, the steering flexibility needs a few days after buying this stroller but you can easily push with your after being it free.
  •  It does not fit for the toddlers because this is exclusively made for the smaller babies with its distinctive features.
  •  Sometimes, you may find difficult to use the basket because it may nearly be unusable when infant car seat is attached because the seat back has to be reclined so far.
  • It may not attract some parents because this is not fancy one while this is truly comfortable for babies not just for show off.


You have already known about both the advantages and disadvantages of Graco Breaze Click Connect, Piazza, baby stroller.

Although there are a few limitations of this stroller but it is really exceptional because of its unique design, well-fashioned, durability, comfortability, protection from UV rays and so many other features.

Despite the limitations, I would recommend you this baby stroller as one of the best buy baby stroller for the babies that will provide your kids’ maximum comfy ride as well as better managing facility to parents.

So, this is one of the best baby strollers due to its distinctive features.


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